YBT Pitch Competition 2022

July 29-31, 2022 | Registrations are closed

Locate. Measure. Develop. Innovate.

What is a pitch competition?

Pitch Competitions are designed to help students gain the necessary skills for future success. By engaging with speakers and workshops, students are able to strengthen skills such as public speaking and networking. 

YBT's Pitch Competition will be hosted between July 29th - 31st, 2022. During this event, students will form teams of 1-5 in order to identify critical issues in regards to the chosen theme. Through workshops led by industry professionals, participants will be able to innovate and turn their ideas into reality in a business setting.


How does YBT's Pitch Competition work?

On the starting day, July 29th, an opening ceremony will take place where participants will receive a participant package entailing all the information in regards to the event.

Each team will be given 48 hours to innovate and develop their ideas into pitches. Throughout July 29th - 30th, there will be various workshops with a wide range of topics selected to guide participants in their pitches and although attendance in workshops/panels are not mandatory, they are highly suggested as it is tailored specifically for skill development. 

During our final day on July 31st, each team will receive 7 minutes to pitch their ideas to our team of judges with an additional 2 minutes Q&A session. The top 3 team will be announced during our closing ceremony as well as any teams that have received special awards from excelling in specific areas.


How much will it cost to attend?

Thanks to our sponsors, YBT's Pitch Competition will be completely free to all participants.


What are the prizes/certificates?

Certificates will be given to all our participants but however, the top 3 teams will receive specialized certificates that outlines their efforts in this competition. In addition, teams that have excelled in specific areas will also receive specialized certificates.

Prizes are to be determined depending on our sponsors but however, all prizes will be beneficial to productivity and future development. Our goal is to provide youths with a pathway to success, therefore, our prizes will not be in forms of liquid cash. 

The top 3 teams will be receiving mentorship from our industry professionals on scaling businesses and etc!


What do I wear?

Dress to impress. Wearing professional attire would be the first step to impress our round of judges before your pitch. Your appearance is key as it is what determines our first impression of you.


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Take the first step

Registrations are now closed! Thank you for everyone who signed up!

Event Recap

Thank you to everyone that attended the event as well as the speakers and judges. Our event would be have been possible without everyone! After some discussion, our sponsors have concluded that everyone would be receiving prizes to commemorate everyone's efforts into the pitches. 

Please email alexander@youthbusinesstrend.com for any inquiries in regards to post-event. 

Develop Connections

Events aren't just meant for enhancing skills and developing experience. Competitions allow students to network with like-minded individuals which is crucial to the pathway of success.

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