YBT's Pitch Competition 2022

Closing Note:

Thank you to everyone that attended the event as well as the speakers and judges. Our event would be have been possible without everyone! After some discussion, our sponsors have concluded that everyone would be receiving prizes to commemorate everyone's efforts into the pitches. Please email for any inquiries in regards to post-event. 



Pitch Competitions are crucial for developing and strengthening the essential skills that youths need to enter the business world. For this event, our team's goal is to provide a competitive but friendly event for participants of all backgrounds. There will be a variety of workshops developed by industry professionals from reputable companies and start-ups allowing youths to explore each individual interest. 

All the attendees will be able to network and expand with like-minded youths across Canada to learn about business as well as turning an idea into a pitch for our judges.

Financial Literacy Workshop 2021

Closing Note: 

Thank you for everyone who joined our financial workshop! With over 50 participants, the whole event was a success! All applicants should have received certificates as well as prizes. If you are missing a certificate or prizes, please contact


In the beginning of the workshop, you will be taught financial literacy as well as how to efficiently set yourselves up for financial freedom by creating a step-by-step plan. 

The second half of the workshop will entail basic financial knowledge in regards to accounting and responsibilities of financial positions in clubs and NPOs. During the end of the workshop, you will receive a certificate outlining all the skills you have developed throughout the workshop.


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